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Joining the Entisy community is completely free with no up-front costs or hidden fees.


The Entisy app gives users the freedom to post, bid and organise logistics on the fly.

Safe and secure

Entisy uses VerifyUnion, a custom-built trust and verification software to protect Users and Jobbers from fraud.

Easy to Post

You can post and bid on jobs through the website or on your smartphone device.

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Choose from a list of popular chores and services you want done.

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We’ll connect you with a Jobber with the right skills for your request.

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Your Jobber arrives, completes the job and receives payment directly through the app.

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Your safety is our concern

Entisy members verify their identification and profile by providing personal details and connecting social media accounts. Users can further improve their verification score by completing the steps in VerifyUnion process. Keep an eye on Jobbers with higher scores – these users have provided more details to VerifyUnion and can be trusted to provide a high level of service. You can rest assured knowing these users have established themselves in the Entisy ecosystem and built a name for themselves in the community.

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